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Why have I stopped building sites for other people?

Posted on:November 9, 2023 at 02:36 PM

Time contraints and frustrations with scope creep were becoming increasingly stressful.


A good few years ago, while working in a job that I had truly fallen out of love with, I started to learn web development to keep me entertained and to keep my brain from turning to mush. I started Basilisk design as a side protect with the aim to make a career change and move into a self-employed position doing web design.

As it turns out, it was quite successful. However, I soon became overly familiar with WordPress and very bored of the process; there was no challenge and a lot of stress.

People Suck

I am too polite (outwardly). I will do anything for anybody, and I struggle to say no. It is a fault of mine, but fuck me, people take advantage! If someone does me a favour, I am greatful. Like eternally greatful and make sure that I can return the favour one day.

People, man. They suck…Most people will see a favour, then milk it, come back and milk it again and again, until you’re so angry you snap, then they think you are the arsehole!!

To be fair to the rude bastards out there, I was building their websites while also working full time as an Engineering Manager for a water recycling company. Ultimately, time contraints and frustrations with scope creep were becoming increasingly stressful and possibly the people weren’t quite so bad.

Nethertheless, this was a major factor in my decision to stop taking on projects.

Career Change

About two years ago, after nearly eleven years at the same company, I decided I needed a career change. I was bored, I had developed a bunch of new technology for the water recycling market, and I become more of a salesman than a engineer. It was killing me; I was working in London too much, I was working long hours and gobbling down anti-depressents.

In late 2021 I started working for a global biogas producer as an engineer, and it has been an incredible journey. Hard work, intellectually challanging, hell, exhausting sometimes, but it’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever done, and the people I work with, above and below me, are all awesome.

However, learning a new industry, and working in operations rather than construction is incredibly time-consuming, and I simply no longer have the time to do any work for other people.

Personal Stuff

Finally, I have a young daughter who I love to spend time with (predominantly playing Mario and building Lego) and I also have a lot of projects I want to work on for myself, and I plan to concentrate on these two things much more!