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Star Wars Droid Language Generator

Posted on:October 5, 2023 at 03:05 AM

Full Droid language pack to be used in droid builds, or anything really.


I love Star Wars. Pure and simple.

When I get a chance, I want to build some Star Wars droids. I don’t currently have the time, but I am slowly working through what I will need to acomplish a build that will truly do the word droid justice!

This is my first part of the structure I need in place to build a droid. The language. I found a Python script called ttAstromech here`but I’m not a huge fan of Python (I much prefer Javascript), and it wasn’t complete enough for me. I used the sound files from ttAstromech, and trawled the internet for as many soundfiles I could find.

Creating the sound files


I took sound files from droids that I had found and chopped them up using Audacity and gave the snippets a denotion of a through z. Each sound file is saved as it’s letter in the alphabet - this is, to be honest arbitrary, but considering there isn’t another method out there, this could well be the first proper language that could conceivably be translated back and forth from droid to English :P

How to use it

Node Droid Language

A NodeJS droid language generator for use with single-board computers like the Pi etc. I wanted to extend the tt-astromech Python library and convert it to NodeJS, but it turned into a larger project as I wanted more out of it. I am planning to build this into a full droid language engine that can be used for droid builds of all sorts.

I also plan on building other packages that will bring droids to “life” using this language engine and sensors attached to a pi zero to generate interactive responses to the environment.


It currently supports Astromechs, BD-1 (from Fallen Jedi games), and D-O - more droids are supported in the backend, I am just working on releasing the functionality as I get time.


npm install node-droid-language


Loading Module

After installtion call the module using:

const droidChatter = require("node-droid-language");

then, for example;

const astro = droidChatter.astro;
const bd1 = droidChatter.bd1;`

Other droid voices currently available;

droidChatter.astroRand; // Random astromech sound
droidChatter.bd1Rand; // Random bd1 sound



String example;

const droidChatter = require("node-droid-language"); // import module
const astromech = droidChatter.astro; // astromech voice

var string = "Hello, I'm R2D2, beep boop."; // string to translate
droidChatter.astro(string); // translate to astromech and play back

Random generator example;

droidChatter.astroRand(30); // generate random chatter 30 characters long.


String example;

droidChatter.bd1("Hello world, I'm BD-1", "happy"); // BD-1 will be happy

Other mood arguments available are "sad" and "angry" these are also available in random mode;

droidChatter.bd1Rand(3, "sad"); // generate random sad chatter 3 characters long.


D-O is a speaking droid, so the usage is slightly different.

Example;"batterycharged"); // D-O says "Battery Charged"

Other sounds for D-O


At the moment, there is no way to play the file through a client machine if this package is used on a webserver. It has been designed to run on a host machine used as “brain” for prop and puppet droid builds, as such the audio will always be played directly from the host machine.

Download or view the source code

Github; here

NPM; [here](